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Welcome to the Center for Life Rhythms


Your optimal life rhythm, where you can truly thrive, is what we call your "Thrive Beat."  When you find your Thrive Beat you can use the art and science of thriving and the power of your life rhythms to 

  • Create an Unconquerable Mindset
  • Eliminate Your Barriers and Crush Your Challenges
  • Change Anything
  • Transform Your Business/Career
  • Have Meaningful, Fulfilling Relationships
  • Live with Purpose, Passion and Power
  • Have the Life Success and Happiness You Want and Deserve
  • Battle Aliens in Another Galaxy (Okay, maybe not, but who knows)


The solution lies in your rhythms.  

Scientifically speaking, rhythm is fundamental to the working of everything in the universe. Practically speaking, everything you do in life is governed by rhythms – patterns of thought and behavior - from the working of your brain and heart to your relationships to the operation of your business/career. Change your rhythms, change your life.

Life is flippin’ amazing.  You deserve to live a vibrant, successful one.

Are you setting your own rhythms or are  you following someone else's?

Training and Speaking

"Training that doesn't suck." 

You want training and speaking that energizes, educates and provides actionable content.  We have it.

Cadence Program

Well-Being and Performance Program.

Membership program for big-hearted, open-minded, dedicated professionals who want the most out of life. 


Certification Program

Professional certification program in Life Rhythmology. 

Our certification program is under development.  It will provide professionals with training they can use in their practices in a wide variety of fields.

Gary was very helpful in helping our team identify areas that we had difficulties and realizing that sometimes there are just decisions that have to be made even though they may not be the most popular choice.

K Jaques, OT

I really liked the way he challenged us to think and consider as many things as possible when dealing with people and such emotional issues.  He also made things fun and entertaining.  That helped make the four days easy to get through and wanting to pay attention to everything.  I would recommend his training courses to anyone who asked.

Lynette Stumpp – Paralegal

This is a great resource to learn tools that can be used not only in mediation but in everyday life.

Loren Caudle, MA, CDP, MAC


Sarah Marshall – Off the Grid Investigations


Gary L. Schreiner, JD - Thriveologist, Rhythmologist, Attorniator, and "Dorky Rocker Ninja" Coach.  

Gary is the founder of The Center for Life Rhythms and the developer of the Six Rhythms (tm) System. After nearly 20 years in the professional world Gary found himself stuck, burned out and looking for some answers.  He found those answers in some likely and not-so-likely places.  Now he's sharing what he learned and helping others discover their kick-butt life.  

"Marketing gurus will tell you that if you want to sell someone on something – a product, program, service, idea, whatever – you should identify a source of your audience’s pain then poke it a bit, make them feel it.  Then, you offer them a solution.  They may not openly put it that way, but that’s the gist.  Why the heck would I want to cause someone more pain?

Let’s keep it simple.

If you don’t have what you want in life – in business/career, relationships, personal growth, day-to-day living, whatever – it’s because your rhythms are taking you the wrong direction.  In a sense, you're getting in your own way.  I help you get out of your own way so you can live your best life."



Because you're awesome we want to give you access to the Thrivepreneur Summit.  In Gary's first ever summit 10 experts shared their secrets, tips and techniques for business and life success.  It's not enough to just survive in life - you deserve to THRIVE.  You could spend thousands to work with these professionals one-on-one, but through this summit you get access to their secrets for FREE.  (Of course, if you ever decided to work with them professionally we'd support that too - because they're awesome at what they do.)