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Which Life Would You Rather Say You Had?


I had a "successful" career, with respect and responsibility, where I was burned out and living from stressor to stressor. I accomplished good things but wondered if they were the right things. I was there for my family, but I wasn’t always “there.” I was running (or hiding) all day, but it didn’t end when I came home from work. There were still obligations to keep, things to fix, bills to pay. There were a lot of good things in my life, but I was too busy or too stressed to see them clearly. I was stuck and I realized life was passing me by. I was surviving day-to-day, but wasn't truly enjoying life - I wasn't thriving.




I lived in the Land of the Rising Sun, walked the paths of the Mayans, played with monkeys in Honduras, enjoyed the atmosphere of Montreal, soaked in the music of Nashville and New Orleans, and meditated in the quiet forests of the Wasatch, Teton and Rocky Mountains. I studied languages, cultures, law, psychology, neuroscience, communication, business, human performance, music and more. I trained in hand-to-hand combat with some of the deadliest men and women on the planet. I knew the joys of friends, family, children and an amazing spouse. Every new day was an adventure to enjoy and savor. I met amazing people and learned from each one of them. Life was simply awesome, with so much to learn, experience and enjoy.

Which description more closely describes your own life right now? Most people tend toward the first one, living a life of greys or muted colors, stale rhythms and mediocrity.  The second is far more fulfilling and fun.  

I can say I have lived both lives (since those descriptions are from my own life), though I am happy to say it now more consistently follows the second one. For a while I lived a yo-yo life, bouncing between the two, until there came a point when I was stuck at the bottom of the string.

DSC02087Meet The Thriveologist

Gary L. Schreiner, JD:  "Thriveologist", "Attorniator" and "Dorky Rocker Ninja Coach"

After a career that has spanned business, law, social services, and the public and private sectors, I realized that most professionals and organizations are missing something - something that let's them truly thrive.  I was one of those professionals.  So, I made a major personal and professional shift from a "traditional" career to helping clients go from survive to thrive. Melding together multidisciplinary research and my professional experience I developed a framework for personal and professional development that is positive, effective and fun.  Now, I'm a bit of a dork, and I'm far from perfect, but I've been blessed with training and experience that can help others.  

I help you move forward in your life and career with purpose, passion and power.  Whether you are feeling stuck, plateaued, lost, or otherwise dissatisfied with where you are, I help you develop the clarity, unconquerable mindset and life practices you need to break through your barriers and THRIVE.    

If you're ready to make some positive changes in your life I'd love to help you on your journey.  

You can also learn more about Gary at

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