3 Simple Steps for a Success Mindset

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A successful life requires a success mindset.  Recharge and strengthen your success mindset before you go to sleep each night with this simple, three step exercise.  As with any exercise, don’t forget a warm up and cool down.  You can keep it simple and warm up and cool down with a nice slow, deep breath.


1. Write down everything you did well today.

Your answer can’t be “nothing.”  Not allowed.  There is always something you did well.  If you are struggling to think of things, keep trying.  The more you do it, the easier it will become.  I recommend keeping some form of success journal.  Cut down on screen time before bed by using old fashioned pen and paper rather than your latest gadget.
2. Write down ONE thing you would like to improve.

Ask yourself, “Looking over how I did today, what is one thing I could do better?”  Don’t dwell on everything you possibly did wrong; look at your day and find one thing you want to improve on to make yourself better. Remember we’re generating positive energy.
3. Commit to doing ONE thing to help make that improvement a reality.

Think about one step you can take immediately to start making the improvement.  Write down what you are going to do.  You’re not allowed to shrug and say, “I don’t know.”  If you don’t have an immediate answer either think about it some more or commit to taking a step to help you find the answer you need.  Once you have written it down, paste a big smile on your face and say it out loud – I will ______ to be even more successful!”

That’s it for this Charged in 7 workout.  Depending on how much practice you have identifying the positive things in your life it may take you longer than 7 minutes to start, but once you get the hang of it you may be able to fire off this recharger in 5 minutes or less. Your success is definitely worth 5 minutes of your time, right?  Right.