7 Minute Meditation

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The benefits of meditation for your mental, emotional and physical health are well-established.  It helps you be calm, focused and clear-headed – all good things if you want to optimize your performance.  I can also attest from personal experience that it works.

There are many different meditation philosophies and techniques. One meditation style may be more effective for you than another, so I encourage trying different approaches.

This is one I particularly like and which can be scaled depending on your time constraints. For this Charged in 7 workout, it is structured to be done in approximately 7 minutes.

The 7 Minute Meditation Workout

  1. Select 1-2 pieces of music that uplift, inspire and can transport you away from your day-to-day worries.  It could be classical, new age, country, even rock – whatever energizes and soothes you.  For example, my current meditation playlist (the 20 minute version) includes selections from The Piano Guys, Lindsey Stirling, Macklemore and Within Temptation.
  2. Select a quiet location and get comfortable.  You can sit, lay, stand – however you are most comfortable.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Slow and control your breathing.  Breathe deep.  As you breathe in visualize breathing in good, positive energy.  As you breathe out visualize exhaling any dark, negative energy. Relax your body as you breathe.  Continue to breathe throughout.
  5. Let yourself get caught up in the music.  Create positive images in your mind and clear away any negative or distracting thoughts.  You could envision yourself floating on a cloud, lying in a beautiful meadow, radiating light, etc.  You could picture yourself living the happiest moment of your life.  Whenever a random thought enters your mind push it away.
  6. When the music stops remain still for a moment, enjoying any positive feelings you are experiencing.
  7. Slowly open your eyes and return to your day.

Just like any exercise, this may take some practice before you get the hang of it.  Don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel calm and refreshed the first time you try.  Also, don’t stress about doing it perfectly – that would defeat the whole purpose!