RhythmsThe ThriveBeat Rhythm Sciences Institute was created to improve lives.  It is dedicated to studying and applying the science of rhythm to support personal, professional and social growth.  Rhythm is more than just something used in music or dance.  It regulates our very existence. Our bodies, our relationships, our social interactions, our businesses, our political systems, the natural world around us, and more are governed by rhythm.  Rhythm, simply defined, is pattern and flow through time.  Everything functions according to its own rhythms.

Thought determines action.  Action determines achievement.  

Control your rhythms of thought and achievement and you control your destiny. 

The Center for Life Rhythms, like much of life, is an evolution.  What eventually became Unconquerable International, LLC and the Center for Life Rhythms had its genesis in 2003, when founder Gary Schreiner left a position as corporate general counsel to continue life as a self-employed business owner.  Starting as a "side business" outside of his law and mediation practice, Conflict Resolution Associates was created, offering conflict management and communication training and consulting.  Law practice eventually gave way to training, coaching, mediation and program administration.  Subject matter areas expanded to include team building, change, resilience, self protection, and executive performance.   Conflict Resolution Associates became Unconquerable International to reflect the message, services and products now offered.  Along the way Gary dived into a study of research in multiple fields related to human performance and thriving.  The Center for Life Rhythms is the result of research, training and 20+ years experience working with organizations and individuals in a broad range of industries.