7 Minute Meditation

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The benefits of meditation for your mental, emotional and physical health are well-established.  It helps you be calm, focused and clear-headed – all good things if you want to optimize your performance.  I can also attest from personal experience that it works. There are many different meditation philosophies and techniques. One meditation style may be […]


De-Clutter Your Mind: 3 Steps to Letting Go of Negativity

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Your home or office may be filled with “clutter”, stuff you don’t need.  That’s why there are experts who will help you organize your space.  Well, your head can be filled with clutter, too.  I call this brain clutter “vaporisms.” Vaporisms can take the form of idle daydreams, “grass is always greener” thoughts, negative self-talk, […]


What are Life Lists?

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What?  You don’t know?  I thought everyone knew what life lists were.  Okay, not really, at least not the way we’re using them. Life Lists is a series of videos with lists about a certain topic.  It could be something like “10 Ways to Create a Perfect Evening”, “6 Things You Didn’t Know about Allergies”, […]