Forgiveness is Power: Ten Steps to Being Healthier, Happier and Having Awesome Relationships

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The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. – Mahatma Gandhi Let’s face it.  With all the demands and challenges in our lives – making ends meet, maintaining a household, getting kids to a myriad of activities, community obligations, and trying to find a little time for ourselves – we could […]

50 is Just the Beginning: Why Mature Women are More Relevant than Ever

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Are women over 50 relevant in today’s society?  Is it all downhill after a certain age?  Heck yes and heck no (in that order)! Our featured Rhythm Setter is Gretchen Asher, founder of Be Fab Revolution.  After attending a conference where a branding “expert” told her that women over a certain age weren’t relevant (ignoring […]

Want to Succeed in Business? Be Yourself – Guest Autumn Clifford

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Want to succeed in business?  Be yourself. Ever have days where you meet someone and their positive energy is so infectious that you just can’t help feeling happy and uplifted?  That was what it was like having my first conversation with Autumn Clifford.  For me it was a lesson in being authentic, demonstrating the positive […]

Christopher Staser on Branding: Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence and Celebrating the Authentic You

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Christopher Staser is founder and Chief Visionary at Brandweaver. Who ARE you?  Who are You Showing the World? For our “dress rehearsal” of Thrive Talk, I had the opportunity to sit down with branding expert Christopher Staser.  Christopher is a successful entrepreneur who creates time for himself and his family to enjoy life.  He is […]