Be a Kindness Sniper

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Have you ever experienced a bad day, where out of the blue someone said or did something nice for you and it brightened your day?  

Whether they be few and far between, or regular occurrences, most people have had experiences like this.  An unexpected kindness, perhaps at a time when it is most needed, that lifts you up and gives you the strength to go on. It’s a pretty cool experience, right?

What if instead of receiving that experience, you were to give it? 

I have a little bias that goes something like this: We are not here on earth to just receive but to give.  The interesting twist on this – and science will back me up – is that giving has far more benefits to you personally than receiving.

So, add this short little workout to your daily routine:

Kindness Sniper Exercise.

  1. Pick at least one person (your “target”)
  2. Pick a time when they would not be expecting to hear from you
  3. Send them a short, positive message (The “shot”. it can express a compliment, share something you appreciate about them, congratulate them on an accomplishment, share an uplifting quote you think would be meaningful to them, etc. Be creative and genuine.)

That’s it.  You can communicate by email, text, phone, social media, old school letter, or whatever.  It only takes a few minutes of your time and can mean the world to the person you send it to.

Try it every day for a week (a different person each time) and see what happens.


Feel free to share your experiences below.  Did you try it? How was your experience?