Christopher Staser on Branding: Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence and Celebrating the Authentic You

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Christopher Staser is founder and Chief Visionary at Brandweaver.

Who ARE you?  Who are You Showing the World?

For our “dress rehearsal” of Thrive Talk, I had the opportunity to sit down with branding expert Christopher Staser.  Christopher is a successful entrepreneur who creates time for himself and his family to enjoy life.  He is the founder and Chief Visionary of Brandweaver helping business owners craft and position authentic brands.

Topics we discussed include:

  • Branding: What is it and how does it apply to you personally and professionally?
  • Celebrating your vision
  • Trying to please everyone
  • Introverts and and expressing yourself
  • Lifestyle design: setting boundaries so you have time for what is important to you
  • Taking risks
  • Following your passion

Watch the full interview above or check out highlights on our YouTube channel.

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