Planks for the Memories – Plank Workout

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People love to hate planks.  Some people swear by them; others merely tolerate them.  Everyone does them for the same reason: they make for a great total body workout.  Planks also make for a great core workout for people who hate traditional crunches.

This Fit in 7 workout is composed entirely of planks.  This is another body weight HIIT circuit, so you won’t need any equipment (other than a mat if you have hard floors).

So, find a nice spot on the floor and prepare to get comfortably uncomfortable.

As a reminder, each exercise is performed for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest in between.  Perform 1-3 circuits, depending on your time and ability.

1. Walking Planks

Start in the high plank position (push-up position).  Move both the hand and foot on one side (i.e. right) out 1-2 feet.  Bring the opposite side hand and foot in to return to the high plank position.  Move 2-4 “steps” in one direction (depending on how much space you have), then repeat, moving in the other direction.

2. Bird Dog Plank

Begin in a standard high plank position.  Lift your right leg straight out behind you, then lift your left arm straight in front of you. Keep your body in a straight line from fingertip to toe.  Hold for 15 seconds then switch sides (left leg back, right arm out) for the remaining 15 seconds.

3. Up-Downs

Start in the high plank position.  Lower your right arm down to your forearm then bring your left arm down as well so you are now supported by your forearms in the low plank position.  Place your right hand on the ground and push back up, with your left hand following to arrive in the high plank position. Repeat, leading with the opposite hand each time.  Complete as many repetitions as you can (”AMRAP”).

4. Plank Lateral Jumps

Start in either the high plank (straight arms) or low plank (on forearms/elbows) position.  Keep your legs together and jump your feet from side to side.  To increase difficulty, place an object (dumbbell, step, book, pillow, etc.) next to your feet and hop over it.  Complete as many repetitions as you can.

5. Reverse Plank

Sit on the ground with your legs extended in front of you and arms at your sides. Place hands on the floor next to your hips, fingers pointing towards your feet. Squeeze your butt, open your chest and lift your hips as high as you can, aiming for a straight line from chin to toes. Hold.

6. X Plank

Start in the high plank position.  Move your legs out laterally until your feet are planted wider than hip-width apart.  Move your arms out until they are as wide as your legs.  Hold.  Beginners should start fairly narrow and work your way out wider as you gain strength.

7. Side Plank Crunch (Right Side)

Begin on low or high side plank.  Place your top hand behind your ear.  Bring your top elbow and knee together at your side.  Try not to lean forward or back.

8. Mountain Climbers

Start in high plank.  Alternating each side, bring your knee to your chest.  Use your core help lift your leg.  Complete as many reps as you can.

9. Side Plank Crunch (Left Side)

Repeat #7 on the opposite side.

10. Hip Dips

Starting in low plank (on forearms and elbows) position, slowly dip one hip towards the floor.  Bring it back up to plank position, then repeat on the opposite side.  Complete as many reps as you can.