Primal Fun

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Ready to get primal?  This is a fun little workout that may just bring back memories of your childhood (or the zoo).  It comes from Paleo Fitness expert Darryl Edwards at  In full disclosure, I’m not yet sold on the paleo diet, but paleo workouts are awesome.

I encourage you to do this workout outdoors.  Not only due to space requirements, but because it will make the workout more invigorating (and nature is awesome).

In this body weight workout, try to transition and flow smoothly from one exercise to the next.  Move quietly, with relaxed, controlled breathing.  Rest as required.

You can adjust the intensity of this workout by adjusting the distance (exercises 1-4) or repetitions (exercise 5).  For example, with the bunny hop, start with 3 meters.  Increase the intensity (and duration of the workout) by working up to 10 meters.

Oh, and because these exercises are a little different from what you might see other adults doing in a park, you might feel a little silly at first.  Let any such feelings pass quickly.  This will give you a great workout, and if anyone laughs it is only because they are jealous that they can’t do it.

  1. Foxtrot Bear Crawl  Get down on your hands and feet (not knees) and walk like a bear.  Follow a slow, slow, quick, quick, slow crawl pattern.
  2. Crab Walk  Sit on your hiney, place your hands behind you and press up until you are resting on your hands and feet.  Walk forward in this position.
  3. Bunny Hop  This is not like the silly party game of the same name.  Squat down and place your hands behind your ears, with your elbows out.  From this position hop forward.  You don’t have to launch yourself into the air; do small hops.  Continue for your target distance.
  4. Rabbit Walk From a squat position, place your hands on the ground a few inches in front of you. Shift your weight to your hands and propel yourself forward, landing on your feet in a squat. Use your core to bring your feet underneath you.  Repeat.
  5. Toddler Climb   This exercise requires a bench or other elevated surface.  Start on your hands and knees in front of the bench.  Lift your knees off the ground so that you are resting only on your hands and the balls of your feet.  Place one hand on the bench, then place the other hand on the bench and lift yourself up, remaining on the balls of your feet.  Step your hands back down.  Repeat, leading with the opposite side each time.