Transform Stress into Power

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Stress! AARGH!

Though stress, fear and failure are normal human experiences, they’re not high on anyone’s to-do list.  We’re often taught that they are to be avoided, to be “eliminated” or “crushed”.  Yet, are they really so bad?

The deeply profound, and surprisingly hope-giving answer is … it depends!

Whether seemingly negative experiences like stress and failure are harmful or helpful depends on how you think about them and what you do with them.

You’re Designed to Succeed

You’re actually designed to turn potentially negative experiences into fuel for your success.  Learn to make stress work for you rather than against you in this powerful interactive workshop. We’ll learn why stress and fear are not necessarily bad for you, why they’re necessary, and how to use them to improve your life.

  • Increase energy, focus and confidence
  • Make relationships more fulfilling and meaningful
  • Improve professional performance
  • Become stronger, healthier and happier
  • Transform your mindset to allow challenges and adversity propel you to success

Event Details

Date:  August 2, 2017

Time: 12:00 p.m. (Mountain Time)


(In Person) Studio Pink, 1869 N Yellowstone Hwy, Ste 6, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401


(Online) Participate via live stream.  Recording will also be available.

(Attendance options will be emailed to all registrants.) 

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Only a $15 investment to change your life.

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