A Journey of Discovery: The Origins of ThriveBeat

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Good projects don’t just appear out of nowhere (life would be way too easy if they did).  While some people may just throw up a website on a whim, this one came after a good deal of thought and groundwork.

Have You Ever Been in a Hole?

At its most basic level, ThriveBeat arose out of a personal journey – a journey to find a way out of a deep, dark hole in my life.  I was at a point where I was unhappy and dreaded each day.  My relationships were suffering, my professional performance was suffering, and I was just surviving day-to-day. I was “successful”, but not fulfilled.

I’ve now stepped into about three such holes in my life, the kind of holes that looking back you could see were roughly the size of the Grand Canyon and you wondered how you never noticed them until you stepped in and found yourself looking up from the bottom.  The previous times I had somehow blundered my way out, largely with the guidance of others.

This time was different.  This time I made a conscious effort to discover how to get out and stay out.

The first lifeline I grabbed hold of was an article I had read several months before.  I couldn’t find the article again, but I remembered one key word: resilience.  Resilience is that human ability to bounce back from life’s challenges and keep going.  I wanted that.  So, being the nerd that I am, I dove into the research on resilience.  What did science say about resilience and how could it help me?

In the process I discovered some amazing things.  As I studied and compiled the research I found that there are six key factors that determine someone’s resilience.  I called them “catalysts” because they are the things that spark life success.

Then I jumped into research on change, happiness, human performance, and other areas, and began to see how they all tied together, and that the same factors influence so many things in our lives.

You Don’t Get Out by Sitting and Waiting.

All this stuff was great and all, but it didn’t mean diddly until I actually started applying it.

The change was dramatic.  I was happy again, and looked at life with new eyes.  I recognized how amazing life is and how I was letting it pass me by.  My daily challenges were the same, but I saw and handled them differently.  My health improved, my relationships improved, my performance improved.  I was more confident and optimistic.

It was WAY cool.

Then an opportunity came for me to make a professional change.  I weighed the stability of my present career against the opportunity to help other people find the same benefits I discovered in my journey.  It was a very difficult decision.

I made the stupid decision.

From a purely financial standpoint, that is.  I went from a steady, predictable income to the possibility of greater income with the risk of making nothing at all.  But I believed in my message.

Then I had another problem.

What exactly was my message and how could I best spread it?

Time to Build a Road.

I was now travelling down a road I had never been on.  In fact, the road hadn’t even been built yet.

I’d been helping people make changes in their lives for many years.  I’d been training professionals for over a decade.  I had the coaching and training skills.  I was good at creating practical frameworks.  I was comfortable standing in front of people and sharing a message.  But how could I “package” what I was trying to teach so that it could touch lives?

It took another (long) journey, this one through marketing courses, entrepreneurial courses, business models, business names, networking, etc. to get to the point where ThriveBeat was born.

Things finally clicked after a conversation with an old friend, branding expert Christopher Staser, and after something (I honestly don’t remember what) made me ponder the difference between life balance and life rhythm.

My message, my mission, is about helping people find and take charge of their life rhythm so they can thrive.  Thrive + Beat = ThriveBeat.

The goal with ThriveBeat is to provide you with tips, tools, resources, stories, experiences and other information to help you thrive – to help you live the kick-butt life you deserve.

I hope you enjoy the site and the resources we will provide, but more importantly I hope they will help you build the life you want and deserve.  IT IS YOUR TIME TO THRIVE.