Secret Ingredient for Happiness and Success: Creativity

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Creativity: The All-Natural Wonder Drug

Have you ever, even secretly, thought it would be nice if there was some effective pill – without negative side effects – that you could take to make you happier, more productive and more content in life?  What if I told you that there was something like that?  Not a drug, but something even better.  That something is creativity.

Yes, creativity.  Before you start thinking something like, “In that case I’m sunk” hear me out.  We often get stuck in the trap of thinking that some people are just naturally creative and other aren’t.  Well that’s a bunch of bunk.  Everyone comes into this world with creativity.  Where we differ is our natural and cultivated means of expressing that creativity.  One person may be good at creating a drawing, another creating a recipe in the kitchen, yet another at creating a business framework, and so on.  We get locked into the idea that creativity means just one thing, such as artistic expression.

The fact is, you are a creative person.  You might not see it.  You might not express it the way you think a creative person does.  But it is there.

When you accept your creative side and let it out the world comes alive.  People who are willing to embrace their creativity are more resilient, more innovative, more productive and generally happier about their lives.

Our guest for this episode of Thrive Talk is Melissa McClain.  Melissa is an expert at helping people access and express their creativity.  She joined us to share her story, her insights and her tips for letting out your creative side.

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About Our Guest

Melissa McClainOur Thrive Talk guest this episode is Melissa McClain with melissaAnne COLORS Creativity.

A fine art photographer and creativity workshop leader, Melissa spent her corporate career in Crisis Management focusing on Survivor & Family Assistance. During her career she responded to aviation accidents, terrorist attacks and devastating natural disasters, providing consultation and operations management services to the private and public sector. A career field full of emotional and high stress situations, Melissa turned to self-care through the lens of a camera and an art journal. This self-care grew into a passion for color, texture and shape and sharing the healing powers of creativity with others.

Her Water Colors Photography Collection, abstract images created from the bottoms of boats, have been exhibited and highlighted in galleries around NYC. Through online creative workshops and her photography, Melissa consistently encourages people to look at their art and their environment with creativity and passion and to find their unique story.

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