Free Yourself to Live the Life You Deserve – Guest Olga Reinholdt

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How do You be True to the Authentic You? What Motivates You to Make (or Not Make) Changes in Your Life? Can You Really Choose to Be Happy?

These and other questions were the subject of my conversation with Thrive Talk guest Olga Reinholdt.   During the discussion, Olga challenged assumptions about why we do things and whether doing something we think is good for us really is.

We discovered:

  • why it is okay not to have a fitness model body
  • why you don’t always have to be pushing forward, and
  • why having the right coach for the wrong reasons does you a disservice.

We learned:

  • how we limit ourselves with labels and comfort zones,
  • how to get out of your own way and open up possibilities you didn’t realize were there.

And that just scratches the surface.  Watch the full interview above.

About Olga

Olga Reinholdt is a life coach with Accomplishment Coaching.  She truly believes that happiness is a choice and helps women cultivate their happy lifestyle.  She is also a professional fitness trainer who promotes the concept of “anti-fitness”.  Olga helps women create the body that empowers them for making their dreams come true without all the dieting, sweating, “six-pack”, “no-pain-no-gain” nonsense.

Olga describes herself as, “I’m a motivation ninja, idea generator and ‘no excuses’ coach: I’d rather help you find a way or make one.”  She hosts a podcast, “Fitness for Grown-ups” (in Russian), co-found an online fitness club “Best for Health” and provides personal online life coaching and a power anti-fitness (or, more politically correct, Mindful Fitness) program at

Olga shares this about her personal story:

Not so long ago I packed 30 years of my life in two suitcases, moved with my husband and a three year old from Kazakhstan to the USA, and started a new exciting life from scratch. Now I help women find their own point of self-actualization and freedom, and create resources for awesomeness, with healthy body being an essential one. I’m bilingual, a big fan of Russian rock music, devoted Iyengar yoga practitioner, singer and rock-model in the making, and a Buddhist at heart.

Learning More

Want to learn more or have a chance to work with Olga?  Follow the link to her website and you can sign up for a 90 minute complimentary powerful coaching session with Olga.  This isn’t just a short “clarity session” – this is a full out coaching session.  No charge!  Few coaches are this generous with their time.  The slots are limited, so reserve your spot right away!

Like Olga’s Facebook page at, and find her on Instagram

Did we mention the terrific complimentary 90-minute session with Olga?