Triple R Energizing Circuit

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The triple R Energizing Circuit is designed to help you boost confidence, quiet stress and refocus your energies.

This one will take a little “warm up” if you haven’t already done it, but can be done in 2 minutes once you have completed the pre-work.

It can be done with your eyes closed or while looking at yourself in the mirror. Breathe slowly and evenly throughout. Start by practicing in quiet moments. You may then find that you can then do it to become calm and focused in the midst of a stressful day.

Perform each exercise in order, completing one circuit. Complete as many circuits as you need and have time for.

EXERCISE 1: Recalibrate

(Requires you to have identified your core values)

“I believe in

[list of core values]

When I stand and live according to my beliefs I am unconquerable.”

EXERCISE 2: Reaffirm

(Requires you to have made a list of reasons you deserve to succeed)

“I deserve to be successful in [life, business, specific activity, etc.] because

[at least 5-10 specific reasons you deserve to succeed]”

EXERCISE 3: Refocus

(Requires you to know why you do what you do)

Visualize your “motivating why.” What (or who) are the reasons you do what you do, the reasons you keep going? Picture them vividly.   Dwell there and feel their positive energy recharge you.