Wait to Exhale: Breathing for Focus and Clarity

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This Charged in 7 Workout can be done almost anytime, anywhere.  Breathing is one of the most vital functions for human existence, but how often do we actually think about it? Thankfully we’re designed so we don’t have to consciously think about every breath, but from time-to-time we really should pay attention.  The way we breathe affects our physical and mental functioning.  Our brains simply need enough oxygen to function right.

This deceptively simple exercise can help you stay (or become) calm and focused.

  1. Close your eyes and simply focus on the rising and falling of your breath.  Are you breathing fast?  Slow? Deep? Shallow?  Just be present; don’t judge. Remove all other thoughts and focus on breathing.
  2. Remain like that for a few moments.  Don’t track the time (or you won’t be focused on your breathing), but remain for at least several breaths.
  3. Then, if your breathing is fast, slow it down. Breathe in for at least a count of 5, hold the breath, feeling its fullness, and slowly release. If you like, try briefly holding the emptiness, experiencing how it feels.
  4. If your breathing is shallow, deepen it.  Breathe not just into your chest, but into your belly.  Don’t force yourself to relax, just let go of your tension and focus on breathing.
  5. Remain that way for as long as you need.